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About us?

We are TheMotorAddicts and our motor addiction drives us. We are the best community and online store for everything related to sports cars, motorsports, speed, and good style. We know that apart from having the perfect car for you and the accessories that complement your style and personality, something more is needed to express that taste you have for speed and that beautiful sound that the car produces. From there we come, from there comes this community where everyone can come to talk about any issue regarding motorsports with fans like them, be aware of relevant news, and enjoy dynamics on our social networks.

Our product catalog was carefully selected to put the most popular and attractive products for you, but more than that, the best quality. Apart from the quality of the product itself, we seek to offer the best shopping experience for everyone, that is why we do not leave you when selling the product, but we invite you to join this community through our blog, newsletter and our social networks.

We are a company based in Monterrey, Mexico, (but we ship worldwide) and we started our operations in early 2020. At the wheel of the company we are two friends passionate about cars and looking to create a business that focuses in giving customers great products and even better experiences.

We will always seek to grow and that more and more people know us because we know with complete certainty that there are too many motoring fans around the world without a community with whom they can talk about this love they have for cars, and we want to include each of them . You've already walked the track a bit and you know a little more about us, but the road is only just beginning, so 3, 2, 1 ... go!